• Relieve sciatic pain, inflammation and discomfort
  • Effective natural formula based on clinical research
  • Guarantee to work or money back
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Sciatol - Feel Good Formula

Clinically Proven Ingredients
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Frequently Asked Questions About Sciatol

What is Sciatol?

Sciatol is a 100% natural remedy formulated for lower back pain - sciatica. It contains anti-inflammatory extracts from plants and herbs.

Is Sciatol Right for Me?

Sciatol is all-natural non-prescription remedy formulated especially for people with back pains. Sciatol is for people who seek natural alternatives to classical treatments by harsh chemical drugs.

Do you often experience one or more of these symptoms?

  • Deep, severe pain that starts low on one side of your back and then shoots down your buttock and/or leg with certain movements
  • Pain that is usually worse after prolonged sitting and/or standing
  • Numbness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Pins and needles or tingling
  • Difficulty moving or controlling your leg

If you answered yes, Sciatol™ is for you!

Is Sciatol Safe?

Yes, absolutely! Sciatol contains only natural non-toxic ingredients. It's much safer and more gentle than traditional prescription drugs. Before taking it, however, consult your health care professional especially if you are taking any prescription medication or have a serious medical condition.

How Soon Can I Expect Improvement?

In most cases, you should start feeling better within 1 or 2 weeks. In more serious cases you should notice gradual improvement within 2 to 4 weeks. Taking Sciatol every day greatly improves your response to the treatment.

What Scientific Evidence Exists to Prove Sciatol's Effectiveness?

Research have shown that key ingredients in Sciatol are effective in relieving back pain. Sciatol is loaded with proven anti-inflammarory botanicals. This natural matrix of ingredients is combined into powerful back pain fighting remedy.
Click here to read more specifics about the research and ingredients.

Clinical Studies and References

When Will I Receive My Sciatol Order?

We ship from our Toledo, Ohio warehouse on the same business day if your order is received before 3:00PM EST. Otherwise, your order will be shipped out the next business day. We ship by USPS, Fedex or UPS. If you are in pain and need urgent relief, we provide quick overnight delivery via UPS.

Purchase Sciatolâ„¢ with Confidence - It's 100% Guaranteed

Sciatol is manufactured in the USA according to the FDA standards. All ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective. Take 2 capsules of Sciatolâ„¢ per day and get natural and safe pain relief and start enjoying your life again!

Sciatol - Feel Good Formula
  • Relieve Sciatic Pain and Discomfort
  • Soothe the Sciatic Nerve
  • Reduce Swelling and Inflammation
  • Relieve Pressure on the Sciatic Nerve
  • Prevent Muscle Spasms
  • Natural & Safe Clinically Proven Ingredients
  • Results are 100% Guaranteed
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